Golden Rose Award

The Golden Rose award was established in the mid 1990’s to recognize outstanding achievement in the delivery of medical care to injured workers and overall improvement of the medical system which services individuals injured while on the job. The award was inspired by world renowned hand surgeon Lewis Millender, MD who dedicated his life to helping people who sustained injuries and specifically late in his career, those who sustained injuries while on the job.

Dr. Millender had the vision that injured workers would have access to world class care though the creation of outstanding Occupational Health Centers affiliated with leading medical providers at our very best hospitals. Dr. Millender inspired everyone he worked with in the pursuit of his goal. He taught all of us that injured workers should be treated the way we want members of our family treated. He also taught us that medical professionals need to treat the entire person not just the specific injury.

Illness took away Dr. Millender’s ability to perform surgery. This is when he convinced the senior management team at the New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts to open an occupational health center. He taught us all that in order to provide proper care you “Have to love em.”

The name of the award is inspired by the story of the rose from the New England Baptist Hospital. This symbol delivers the message that every patient is to be treated as special and they deserve high end care from the very best professionals. Gold is pure, as was Dr. Millender in his quest to take care of injured workers. The award can be given to anyone who helps injured workers receive outstanding care, including medical professionals, Nurse Case Managers, administrators’ even attorneys who work in the system. Please consider nominating an individual who goes above and beyond to help injured workers recover from their injuries and make them feel like they are a special individual.

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