Learning Objectives

  • Articulate current challenges related to worker injury and state how various players in the field influence and impact each other and injured patients
  • Identify occupational health best practices to better navigate challenging issues related to injured workers
  • Discuss diagnostic assessments of patients with work related injuries, including the physical exam, psychological assessment, drug and pain medicine diagnosis, and return to work
  • List the most up to date techniques and concepts in worker injury and disability, pain medicine, and return to work procedures
  • Discuss work-related cervical spine, thoraco-lumbar spine, minor closed head, shoulder, and knee injuries and the current corresponding legal debates
  • State the challenges of health delivery for the injured worker and articulate ways to improve it
  • Recognize best practices for return-to-work procedures, patient drug addition, injury prevention, etc.
  • Discuss claims processing and how to find a “win-win” scenario
  • List methods and methodologies to improve the overall process an injured worker must undergo from start to finish
  • Discuss the risks associated with drug addiction and how to better drive patient wellness and injury prevention programs
  • Review medical technologies designed to assist patients with work-related injuries
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